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Oink Oink - Feed the Pig

When I was growing up I lived on a farm where feeding the pigs was a necessity if the farm was to make some money - or if we eventually wanted pork chops and bacon.

Well, the pig in this post isn't of the farm variety, but the necessity of feeding this pig is evident, especially during the economic times we are currently facing. So, here's to feeding your piggy bank (well actually, get it into an interest bearing account - my piggy bank never pays me interest) and teaching your students to save.

Here's a fun and educational website for financial literacy - You may have seen their public service announcements on television and on YouTube.

Some of the resources on include articles, tools, tips, video ads and podcasts. They also have a tween site.

So, whether you are looking for some beginning of the class starters, or if you need to point some students to this website for their "Life Event Planning" STAR Event, is another tool in your toolbox for your Personal Finance, Family and Consumer Resource Management, or Career and Family Leadership courses.

They even have an iGoogle widget for your iGoogle page, a Facebook application, and you can sign up for saving tips via email or on your cell phone. Visit their website at for all the details.

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