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FCS Teachers - Are You Ready to Blog Yet?

Okay, you've heard about blogging, and you read at least one blog (this one) - so maybe you are thinking about starting your own blog. To my knowledge, there are very few blogs for family and consumer sciences education. (If there are others out there - would someone let me know?)

The post with video "How to Start Your Own Blog" from Jose Picardo and his Box of Tricks blog inspired me to do some additional searches to find at least three tutorials to help you begin the process of blogging.

Here are the articles I found in a quick search. I am sure there are more out there...perhaps if you find another good one to reference you could comment and we can add it to the list.

If blogging seems kind of "out there" for you, but you have mastered e-mail, you could also try Posterous. It seems like a really simple e-mail blogging platform.

Well, that's food for thought....and maybe some of you will become inspired to begin either your own FCS educational blog, or a classroom blog. Keep me updated when you begin blogging! I know I was a little intimidated before my first post...and slowly but surely, this blog itself is evolving and improving (at least that is the goal).

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