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Access FCCLA - Day One

"Access FCCLA" is off to a great start. Motivational speakers, enthusiastic students, and energetic advisors are making or a memorable experience. Tonight students spent about 3 hours getting acquainted with other in their conference, learning about leadership, and learning about FCCLA. Advisors spent the same amount of time learning from each other - topics such as FCCLA leadership class curriculum, the Girl Scout's PAVE program, Action for Healthy Kids Game On program, Junior Achievement, FCCLA advisor tips, STAR Events, and much more. Advisors really have so much to share with each other, all of it useful for building and maintaining a successful FCCLA chapter.

Tomorrow will see students and advisors alike up and at 'em for their first meeting at 8:30 a.m. We'll see how much energy all of us have by the time this conference wraps up on Monday afternoon.

I'll blog about our speakers and Monday's activities next. Time to rest up for Monday!

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  1. Here is a highlight of what we did in the High School Take AIM room...

    The 5 Leader House Rules
    (things real leaders follow at conference and back at school)

    1. Listen like your life depended on it. Always be ready to learn and soak up life.

    2. Early is on time. Leaders not only show up every time, they show up early. Early is on time. On time is late. Late is left behind.

    3. Mas Amigos (More Friends in Spanish). This rule is about being social. Real leaders are always more intereted in learning about others than they are in trying to get people to look at them.

    4. Happy Shining People. Real leaders look for, focus on and highlight the positive side of people and of life.

    5. Home Sweet Home. Leave everywhere you go a little better than when you found it.

    Rhett Laubach
    Professional Speaker
    Take AIM (Active, Involved Members) Trainer