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Greetings from the 2008-09 National FCCLA President

I asked Brennen Clouse, the 2008-09 National FCCLA President, to send us something for our blog. Thanks Brennen!

Greetings Missouri FCCLA!

My name is Brennen Clouse and I’m a senior at Goodland High School in Goodland, Kansas.

FCCLA has done so many things for me and given me opportunities beyond my wildest dreams! I cannot thank the organization enough for what it does for not only me, but the thousands of youth across the nation that are influenced each and every day.

I first became involved in FCCLA as a freshman when some of my close friends talked me into starting a Parliamentary Procedure team. Actually, I wanted to join DECA (CTSO rival at GHS) at first but was hooked on FCCLA right from the start. As soon as I started in the organization I could immediately see the enthusiasm and drive members had when participating. This spirit in my high school electrified me to take part in something that was bigger than just myself! After Parliamentary Procedure experiences I moved on to running for office. Highly influential in school were all of the many other officers Goodland FCCLA develops each year. I learned most that it only takes one person to start something. In our chapter that something is running for office. So don’t be afraid to take a new step and go beyond the status quo to form something new in your chapter! From my first freshman semester, I started to lay the foundation for a better me, a person who has grown and developed more and more with each step I have taken in the organization.

In the next year I am ecstatic to work for and help form the FCCLA organization on the national level. With this comes new experiences, new faces, and amazing places! The year ahead will be packed with fun, excitement, and all sorts of visions for the future. I hope each and every member of this awesome organization chooses to become involved and find their own nitch to affect others and make a difference!

I am here for the members; feel free to contact me at any time with any questions, concerns, or comments. Find me on facebook or myspace and don’t be afraid to e-mail me at I love hearing from students about their own experiences in the organization. Together we can forecast our own, brighter future!

Brennen Clouse
National FCCLA President

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