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Kicking Off the Greatest Show on Earth

Last night, the Opening General Session kicked off the 2014 FCCLA State Leadership Conference, and it was quite the circus. Thankfully, the craziness was all part of the state theme: The Greatest Show on Earth. From the moment the session started, every member in the crowd was pumped. Nearly every region was showing off their creativity and spirit through the many signs they showed off around the conference hall. The members that weren't waving signs were out in the aisles dancing to FCCLA conference favorites: The Cupid Shuffle and the Cha Cha Slide. Opening Session starts the conference and gets all of the FCCLA members excited for three jam-packed days of the ultimate leadership experience. First, the 2013-2014 state officers are introduced, and then the skits begin. Opening Session was full of many hilarious circus-themed skits acted out by the state officers, all relating back to the various topics at hand that night. After the first skit, Leone Herring, director of Family and Consumer Sciences Education at the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, was welcomed. She spoke about the importance of career and technical education to high school students, a topic very important to FCCLA members. The conference also hosted Hillary Merick, chairman of Missouri FCCLA Alumni and Associates. Ms. Merick spoke to the crowd about becoming involved as an alumni and the importance of continuing to excel through FCCLA as graduating seniors. Last, Rep. Vicki Hartzler recorded a brief video where she discussed her involvement in FCCLA as a high school student and how it led to her career in public service. Next, our state and national outreach project, No Kid Hungry, was presented. One of the most exciting points in the session was the Miracle Minute, an effort to raise as much money for No Kid Hungry as possible with only having a minute to do so. Alumni members raced around the conference hall carrying buckets, trying to make it so every member had the opportunity to donate. In just one minute, Missouri FCCLA raised over $800 for No Kid Hungry. Last was our keynote speaker, Eddie Slowikowski, who was certainly a crowd favorite. His energizing speech about success and how each of us must learn our purpose captivated all of our members. He had us laughing, crying, and briefly, doing the YMCA. He finished off the conference to a medley of famous dance hits to a standing ovation. Opening General Session ended with every member looking forward to what the rest of State Leadership Conference is to bring. Whether it's STAR Events, workshops, or running for a state or national office, State Leadership Conference has something for everyone. Some achievements in those areas will be recognized tonight at the Business Session, which will be full of awards and more of those fun skits. So don't leave just yet, the circus is back and ready for more on the second day of the State Leadership Conference! Contributed by Payton Stringer, 2014 Media Team Member


  1. I really liked FCCLA State, state always has the best workshops and the events are always fun. There are many great things to learn from this event.

  2. I didn't get to attend State Conference this year. But in the past I loved going to this conference because I got to learn so much throught each workshop and meetings while meeting new people. I can't wait to see what the future holds for me with the knowledge I've gained through FCCLA.