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Meet "Alex's Lemonade Stand"

Today's guest post is from Susan Blowey with Alex's Lemonade Stand.  She will be presenting a workshop on Monday, March 28 during the State Leadership Conference.  If you're interested in this project, be sure to attend her workshop!

Alex Scott was one years old when she was diagnosed with the deadly cancer, neuroblastoma. When she was 4 years old, she asked her mom if she could have a lemonade stand and give the money to her doctors. Her goal was to cure cancer for all children. Cancer is the number one killer of kids today.

Ten years later, Alex’s saying of “when like gives you lemons, make lemonade” lives on through people all over the United States who continue to have lemonade stands. Although she lost her battle with cancer, she showed how one person can make a difference with just an idea. The FCCLA is made up of students that are leaders and are looking to make a difference. Our website, makes it easy for high school students to do something fun and help others. Whether it’s having a lemonade stand in honor of someone battling cancer or having a rock-a-thon to raise funds, it all makes an impact. There is also the Lemonade from Lemons Service program that incorporates talking to grade school kids about how to make a difference like Alex did.  We also have Lemonade Days in June.

All over the United States, people are having lemonade stands to help eradicate pediatric cancer. My name is Susan Blowey and I am the Community Outreach Coordinator for Missouri and Kansas at ALSF. I am looking forward to discussing our organization and making a difference at the FCCLA State Leadership conference.  

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