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Chapter Spotlight: Puxico FCCLA

Thanks to Kelly Gillock, Vice President of Parliamentary Law, for this Chapter Spotlight!

The Puxico, Missouri FCCLA Chapter has been working hard to raise money for a very worthwhile cause: the Children's Miracle Network! To do this, we are participating in the Baby Bottle Boomerang community service project. Members, along with others who want to help, took a baby bottle to fill with change from anywhere they can find. We challenged them to ask businesses, neighbors, teachers, adults, friends, and anyone that came their way.

To fill the baby bottle, coins and dollar bills are accepted. Our highest monetary donation so far has been a very generous amount of $20.00 and it was given on the first day that we started this activity! This cause has truly been touching people and our chapter considers itself very lucky to be participating in it. We hope to fill our gigantic jug (which is made to hold a few gallons of water) to the very brim with pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, dollar bills, ten-dollar bills, and twenty-dollar bills. There isn't any stopping until the whole jug is full--and maybe not even after that!

The Baby Bottle Boomerang has been beneficial for our chapter members, the community members, the staff and kids at school, and even for myself. Through this project, we are able to help others, become a closer knit chapter, and develop and allow our leadership skills to grow. The Baby Bottle Bommerang is a great way to get your chapter involved in the community and even to allow the community to get involved and participate in raising the money as well because our FCCLA members are the ones leading this project but the community members are also raising the money.

We have enjoyed the Baby Bottle Boomerang so far and hope to continue to raise as much money as we can for the Children's Miracle Network. We hope that this has helped some creative juices to flow if you may have had some trouble on how you may be able to help your community. Now here is your chance to show what FCCLA is to your community by getting involved! After all, we are the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.

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  1. What a great benefit! I wish you all the best luck!!