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Chapter Spotlight: Maysville FCCLA

This week's spotlight is from Kelsey Cole, Vice President of Development.  She shares how her chapter raises money during this season.  In the comments, share how your chapter raises much needed funds for leadership development activities!

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving! No matter what your family’s holiday tradition is, you always have rolls on the table. The Maysville FCCLA chapter has found a way to make this essential food item a fundraiser. In the beginning of November, FCCLA students took order forms to their friends, family, and community members and started selling. Over the years the community members of Maysville have come to depend on the delicious yeast, crescent rolls. All of the rolls are homemade and the students donate the ingredients and deliver them for chapter points so it’s pure profit. 
Students and parents form a mass production assembly line and work to produce the tasty rolls. The smell of buttered golden brown rolls wafts through the halls of Maysville high and kids often buy rolls to eat at lunch. Over the years this fundraiser has been the Maysville chapter’s most dependable money maker. Last year the chapter sold over 500 dozen rolls and raised over $3,000. This year the chapter has added jelly pan pumpkin rolls as a dessert. A local mom has donated the recipe and her time to help make this new item a success. With 78 members, 6 ovens and countless pounds of flour, sugar, and yeast the Maysville FCCLA chapter will be baking again soon.  

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