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Don't Break the Piggy Bank Yet!

You have a great idea for integrating technology in your classroom....but your classroom budget is already spent.  Your chapter officers have super ideas for involving chapter members in leadership and service projects...but members just paid dues, and there isn't much extra right now.  Guess those great ideas just have to wait, right?  Not necessarily - have you looked at all your funding options?  I'm not talking about fundraising campaigns - or breaking your piggy bank!

On the blog Free Technology for Teachers, Richard Byrne (who you can also follow on Twitter @rmbyrne) posted Ten Ways to Get Free Money and Classroom Supplies.  Included in his list are links to the Target Field Trip grants, Donors Choose, and Classwish.  We could also add to the list Sonic's Limeades for Learning (which partners with Donors Choose).  Don't forget local service organizations clubs or sororities, booster clubs, PTA groups, or local philanthropists.  They might be willing to assist with projects that benefit the local community.

If your idea involves youth/traffic safety, be sure to also check out resources from the National Organizations for Youth Safety as they partner with organizations to provide grant opportunities such as during National Youth Traffic Safety Month.  Many FCCLA projects are also good service-learning opportunities.  The National Service-Learning Partnership lists many grant opportunities.  The Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA) provides a good list of grants and opportunities on their "Resources-Grants and Awards" page.

All of this searching for funding does take time, so consider having FCCLA committee members do some of the leg work, if appropriate.  Also be sure to expand your network by subscribing to e-mail alerts, RSS feeds, or following funding organizations on Twitter. 

Do you have other resources that you can share on this topic?  Have you received grant funds from any of the resources listed here? Please add your comments to this post - we'd love to hear how you have been supplementing your budget through funding opportunities. 


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  2. Outstanding resources that won't break the bank and keep those dreams and great ideas moving forward!