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Chapter Spotlight: La Monte FCCLA

Submitted by Emily Blackburn, Vice President of State Programs.  Thanks, Emily!

As you know summer has come to an end and the hallways are full again. The La Monte FCCLA is just getting started. To get new members the FCCLA chapter displayed a bulletin board in the hallway about FCCLA, had an FCCLA member get interviewed about what FCCLA is for the daily announcements, showed a short membership video to all FACS classes, and had a fun ice cream party for all the new members after the first meeting. The next week they had a pizza and programs night to discuss everything that they are doing this year including new ideas, more membership, and community service choices. They have some great ideas on how to “Roll out the Red Carpet of Leadership” such as the annual Blood drive next week where everyone can be a hero!

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  1. Great idea to spread the word with interviews and bulletin boards!