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We Want Your Ideas!

Over the past 2 days, 35 FCCLA advisors have been attending an inservice on integration of FCCLA into the Family and Consumer Sciences classroom/curriculum.  One thing they are craving is IDEAS to use with their chapter.  So......please post your ideas on any of the following topics:

  • Fundraising
  • Recognition
  • Membership
  • National Programs
  • Curricular Integration
  • Conferences/Meetings
  • Chapter Management
  • Anything else!
Your "stale" ideas might be someone else's "fresh" new idea.  So, please share!


  1. I have each class choose a project, some go with the subject area. Basic facs can do just about anything. Then we apply it to a National program so we can get recognition for it at State and National FCCLA.

    We elect a president and officers of the project and committees. We set a budget. I facilitate it, but they plan and carry it out. It's great to do this with freshmen classes, because they are eager to be in High School, and you see the leadership skills they show, and you can encourage them to see themselves as leaders. So they run for office next year and become your officers of FCCLA.

    Meeting it always hard, we do lunchtime, but having the projects work accomplished in class really helps.

    We also try to have at least two socials a year. Our recreation leader is in charge of these and they get a committee of interested members together to work on the details.

  2. Have you seen information about Window Farms? I think kids would love this project.

  3. My students invited some Senior Citizens from our local nursing home to school for a quiz bowl/trivia contest during National Volunteer Week in April. The students and Senior Citizens had a good time with the Senior Citizens being the winners.