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It's a Social Media Revolution....

"Why all the fuss about social media and FCCLA?  Don't they know that in most high schools, social media tools are blocked on computers or banned completely?  Haven't they seen the reports about cyberbullying and social media?  Why would anyone advocate for FCCLA chapters and teachers to use these tools at school?"  (Not sure these two ladies in the photo would be talking about that...but that photo was just too good not to use!)

Yes, I've read those reports.  I know about the devastating impact of cyberbullying.  I know this blog is probably blocked in your school, as is our FCCLA YouTube channel, our Twitter feed, and our Missouri FCCLA Facebook page.  Some schools not only allow these tools at school, but they use them as part of classroom instruction.  (See this article on Sean Nash's classroom at Benton High School in St. Joseph, Missouri.  You can also check out two examples of how they use classroom Nings - Marine Biology and Principles of Biology

In July, I'll be co-presenting a workshop on social media for FCCLA chapters at the National Leadership Conference in Chicago.  I'm going to guess that there will be the naysayers in the crowd.  That's fine.  But others will want to learn about how to use social media to build support for the FCCLA chapter and the family and consumer sciences program.  They will want to know how to approach school administrators regarding this topic.  They'll want to know what we've done, what lessons we've learned.  They want to know how social media will help build stronger relationships within their own community. 

We don't have all of the answers.  We don't even know all of the questions! But we know we need to address the issue.  Keep those questions coming in to me - or let me know what policies your school has when it comes to use of social networks for student organizations (FCCLA or others).   

Social Media isn't a fad.  It's not going away.  We'd better figure out what we're going to do with it - because our students, parents, and others are going to talk about our brand - FCCLA and family and consumer sciences education - with or without us.  I prefer "with." 

I've shown this video before, but today on Twitter just saw a new version has been released recently.  Hope you enjoy Social Media Revolution 2 - and just insert FCCLA or the name of your school, or program, when it references businesses or brands.  Hope it gets you thinking!


  1. Thanks for introducing the video. A lot of interesting facts.

  2. Video was awesome, I think that there is quite a lot to be gained by using Social Media, if it is done properly.