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Chapter Spotlight: Greenfield FCCLA

Submitted by Andrea Mason, 2010-11 State Vice President of STAR Events

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The Greenfield FCCLA Chapter has been busy this 2009-2010 school year with various activities and events with our focus being on the FCCLA Dig-It project. If they reach their goal of $1500 they will be rewarded with a giant banana split for all Greenfield Chapter members. Last month they mailed in a check to the Children’s Miracle Network of $1150.00. Two activities their chapter has already completed are: Pie the Teacher in the Face- They sold tickets during homecoming week for three teachers to have a student pie them in the face. Haunted School-The Greenfield Chapter members raised $878.00 on Halloween night scaring people that went through the Greenfield High School.

Another activity coming up that the Greenfield FCCLA Chapter will raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network is “FCCLA Staying up all Night, to Help Kids Fight.” The members will be in the high school from 7 pm to 7 am with games and activities to keep busy. Greenfield has had fun with the different activities for the Children’s Miracle Network this year and is ready for more next year.

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  1. The Children's Miracle Network is such a worthy charity, way to go FCCLA members for working so hard to raise money for them!