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Missouri FCCLA Advisor VIP - Jennifer Mahnken

This week's Missouri FCCLA Advisor VIP is Jennifer Mahnken from Norborne High School.  Her nominator had this to say:

Jennifer Mahnken has done some amazing things with her students over the past three years.  She has gotten parents involved by reinstating the FCCLA booster club aand encouraging all parents to be part of their child's FCCLA experience.  The booster club meets regularly to raise money to help pay dues of students who cannot afford them and to help students raise money to attend conferences.  This year the booster club raised $2500 for members to attend a cluster meeting!  Each member attending the conference only had to pay $40 out of pocket in addition to their spending money for food and souvenirs.  In addition to getting the parents actively involved, Jennifer encourages and believes in each of her students!  Many of her students enjoy being part of her programs because she creates a non-competitive environment where every student has the same opportunities.

As parent and Norborne FCCLA Booster Club member Sherry Whipkins said, "She encourages FCCLA to be about families being involved and just in general makes being in the Norborne FCCLA fun for all of us!"  Thanks Jennifer, for being an amazing advisor ir Region 2!

Congratulations Jennifer Mahnken - you're a Missouri FCCLA Advisor VIP!

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