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FCCLA Alumni: Where Are They Now? Whitney Scott Jones

Submitted by Levi Rash, Missouri Alumni & Associate President

FCCLA Alumni impact the organization even after membership in high school. Here’s a look at what one of our very own Missouri FCCLA Alumni has been up to lately!

Name: Whitney Scott Jones, Class of 1998

FCCLA Chapter: Lockwood High School

1997-98-Missouri State President

Whitney graduated from Northwest Missouri State University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Broadcasting. She is currently the Sports Director at KSPR, the ABC affiliate in Springfield, Mo.

When asked about her job, Whitney has only positive things to remark.  “My job itself is pretty interesting. I have the greatest job in the world; basically, I get paid to watch and talk about sports. I cover a wide range of high school, college and pro sports. I have been fortunate enough to interview several high profile athletes and coaches such as Marshall Faulk, Marc Bulger, Tony Gonzalez, Albert Pujols, Troy Glaus and Tony LaRussa to name a few.”

Whitney got married on December 19, 2009, so for right now she is just enjoying being married. Her husband is a firefighter, and they plan on staying in the Springfield area for now. Because there really isn't a "promotion" she can get being sports director, her goal is to continue to provide solid coverage of local sports and hopefully help to establish the KSPR sports department as the best in the Ozarks.

In a couple of years, Whitney is looking forward to having children. When she got married she was fortunate enough to receive two beautiful step-daughters. “I'm kind of getting in some practice being a mom,” says Whitney. “The girls are six and three, so I'm also enjoying learning a lot from them!”

Whitney’s Advice to FCCLA Members: “Don't be afraid to dream big and aim high, but be ready to work hard. Dreaming is great, but you're not going to reach those goals without a lot of hard work! And remember not to get overwhelmed; goals seem much more attainable when you remember you'll get there through small steps.”

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  1. I watch that news station all the time and had no idea Whitney was a former State President. It's great to know that our student leaders become successful leaders in life after FCCLA.