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Chapter Spotlight - Hermann FCCLA

Submitted by Sherise Coffey, Region 5 State Vice President

As money has become tight, gaining profit from fundraisers has been very challenging for Hermann’s FCCLA chapter. We recently conducted a “Worker Auction” in order to raise money for our chapter. In pairs of two, members donated their time and efforts to be bid on by community members in a silent auction at a local basketball game. People were able to bid on the students to work for two hours on the day of their choice. Students listed jobs such as baby sitting, snow removal, wrapping presents, or grocery shopping that they were willing to do for the winning bidder. The worker auction was a successful fundraiser for our chapter. It was good because it got community members involved with FCCLA and our chapter while gaining the benefit of receiving a worker. It also provided the students the opportunities to use their leadership skills and work ethic to help the chapter and community.


  1. Very cool idea!

  2. That sounds like a fun way to earn money. How much money was earned?