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Chapter Spotlight: North Andrew FCCLA

This post submitted by Courtney Gillenwater, Region 1 State Vice President

FCCLA chapters are known for their community service projects, and our North Andrew FCCLA chapter is no exception. Our Secret Grandparent program reflects the 5th FCCLA purpose, to promote a better understand of youth and adults. Chapter members sign up for a "Secret Grandparent" and a note is sent to one of the older community members notifying them they have a secret grandson or granddaughter from the North Andrew FCCLA chapter, and if they would like to still participate. Most of the people in our community enjoy this program and enjoy getting to know a high school student better. The "grandparents" go to ball games, plays, and anything that their secret grandchild might be involved in to try to find out whom their grandchild is.

Every holiday the grandchild is to get their secret grandparent something - a meal, stocking, blanket, anything to go with the season. Students will then have their gifts delivered and some of the grandparents even gets gifts for their grandchild. Students fill out cards with little hints and the grandparents try to guess who their grandchildren are, all throughout the year.

About a month before school lets out, all of the FCCLA members who are participating in this event have a tea with the secret grandparents. The grandparents take guesses to see who their grandchild was throughout the year. This event usually has a theme with a speaker, snacks, and an activity. Both the students and the grandparents look forward to this throughout the year.

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  1. I love this idea. I am going to suggest it to my members! Such a great project.