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Chapter Spotlight - Nevada Regional Tech Center

This post was submitted by Elizabeth Eberhard, State Executive Council Occupational Representative from Region 11

Greetings from the Nevada Regional Tech Center Occupational FCCLA Chapter! We are off to a great start here. I should explain that our chapter meets during class time. We have students that come from Butler, Bronaugh, ElDorado Springs, Hume, Walker, and Nevada. The NRTC chapter has both students from Culinary Arts and Early Childhood Careers. Our officers are elected from both classes. When we have meetings, there are two-one in the morning and one in the afternoon- so all students can attend.

In September, we had a culinary cook-off and formed both our FCCLA and ProStart Culinary Teams. Practices begin this month as we prepare for these competitive events. The Early Childhood Careers will be focusing on service projects that relate to children and other STAR Events.

Several chapter members attended the fall Access FCCLA Conference at the end of October. Emily, an attendee, had this to say about the conference, “Access FCCLA was a great opportunity to meet new people. Our guest speaker was definitely unique and funny and I learned a lot about FCCLA.”

We just opened our Service Edge Café. We are planning to set up collection jars at our Café window to kick off our Dig It Campaign. We are having a hamburger drive in December where all proceeds will go to the Children’s Miracle Network. The Early Childhood Class is selling lollipops. They have raised over $50.00 so far.

Some of the students in our chapter have come up with a dance to the Arrive Alive Buckle Up song. We all have been practicing it and we are planning on submitting a video. We are going to do the dance in our chef coats. We are very excited!

There is always something going on in our chapter and we hope that you enjoy FCCLA as much as we do!

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