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Chapter Spotlight and DigIt Info

This post submitted by Nicole Terry, State FCCLA President from Purdy, Missouri.

This week's chapter spotlight focuses on two chapters- Greenfield and Purdy FCCLA. These chapters have been working hard to raise money for Children's Miracle Network through the FCCLA Dig It! Campaign. Here are some of their ideas:

Just last month, Greenfield FCCLA turned their school into a haunted house for Halloween. Through this event they raised $878. Mrs. Meents, Greenfields advisor, said that "this was the best fundraiser her chapter has ever done."

Purdy FCCLA raised money by trick-or-treating classrooms in our elementary to collect change to donate to Children's Miracle Network. The children loved the costumes and gave their change and Purdy also raised around $250.

I know many of you have also been working to raise money for CMN through the DigIt! Campaign. One common question is "where do we send the money?" Once you’ve raised funds, you will need to address your envelope and ensure that funds go to Children’s Miracle Network International Headquarters.

Make your check out to: Children's Miracle Network
Memo Line: Your FCCLA Chapter Name/City/Zip code

Send your checks to:
Children's Miracle Network
ATTN: FCCLA Fundraising
205 West 700 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Thanks to everyone for what you're doing with this project!

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