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Chapter Spotlight - Chillicothe FCCLA

How is your FCCLA chapter like a sports team? Is it?

This year Chillicothe FCCLA, is working on our FCCLA team. As a team we have team leaders, a.k.a officers, and team players, a.k.a all members. As a team we are practicing together in our family and consumer sciences classes and during chapter meetings. The team leaders are paired together and assigned members to mentor. As leaders we understand our responsibility to encourage and that is what we feel will really help membership this year. When people are encouraged they are much more likely to succeed, and that is exactly what our chapter is trying to achieve. With goals set high to help reach our regional project goal, state project goal, and national project goal we are ready for a great year full of FCCLA opportunities!

How has your FCCLA team pulled together this year? Feel free to take a page from our playbook and use it to improve your own chapter's chances of team success.

This post was submitted by Catherine Tipton, 2009-10 Missouri FCCLA National Officer Candidate

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