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Exercise Your Right to Vote....

Earlier this summer, the Missouri FCCLA State Executive Council voted to propose a series of bylaws amendments to the state bylaws, last revised in 2002. Today, envelopes were mailed to all 2008-09 affilated chapters with the proposed bylaws amendments and the rationale for the changes. Ballots were also included and should be returned no later than October 1, 2009.

There are a total of 13 proposed amendments. Many of the changes to the bylaws are editiorial in nature or reflect changes in the organization since 2002. But the amendments that will make the most difference in the way our state association works are the ones proposing a new structure for the election/designation of the state executive council. In a nutshell, these amendments recognize the following:

  • the state association's occupational membership continues to increase. Therefore it is recommended that the appointed state occupational representative will now be an elected position (as was planned in the current state bylaws)

  • a majority of the state executive council have titles of "vice president" only and do not have designated duties. Amending the bylaws to designate specific duties to each state executive council member will align Missouri with a majority of the other state associations, as well as providing a better focus for the officers during their term of service

  • the position of national network member as a "national candidate" is confusing and their duties related to membership are recommended to be designated to one of the regional state officers with a specific interest in membership recruitment and retention

  • the inclusion of procedures for conducting electronic meetings of the State Executive Council and committees recognizes the increased use and financial benefit of Internet-based meetings, video conferences, or teleconferences.
Chapter advisors are encouraged to discuss the proposed amendments with their chapter officers and members. Please direct any questions regarding the proposed amendments to the state advisor or the state president.

Be sure to postmark your ballot by October 1 or fax in by the same date, in order for your vote to be counted!

Photo by Theresa Thompson

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