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2009-10 Missouri FCCLA Member Handbook now online

The 2009-10 Missouri FCCLA Member Handbook has been revised and is online at the Missouri FCCLA website. It is available as a PDF document.

5 ways to use this handbook in your FCS classroom and with your FCCLA members:

1. Use it in your "Introduction to FCCLA" unit.

2.. Use it as a basis for the FCCLA knowledge test.

3. Have officers use it to develop a "Jeopardy" style game for a chapter meeting.

4. Divide students into groups and have them present different parts of the member handbook to the class or chapter.

5. Have students print one copy and take it to the principal, showing him/her what events and opportunities they would like to do this year.

What other ways do you use the handbook with your classes or chapter? Your comments and ideas are always welcomed!

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