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A Trick Question.....

I have a question for you:

Are leaders born or are leaders made?

This is really a trick question, because leaders are BOTH born and made. One of the trainings I attended at the FCCLA National Leadership Meeting was "USA - Ultimate State Officer Academy." In the training, I learned that most leaders have to work for what they become, and no one can learn leadership by themselves-they need help. Not getting help from other leaders (mentors) ends up stressing you out!

I learned that even though I am a natural born leader, I still have to develop bigger and better skills. My leadership skills aren't complete, and I will continue to work on them in through many different activities. The USA training has given me the ability to open my mind and look for bigger and better things.

I have set a goal for myself to work on my communication skills. By this, I mean that I need to work on talking to people I don't know - to get out of my comfort zone. As a leader in FCCLA, I know that I need to be open to meeting not only members in Missouri, but members and officers from other states. By doing this, I will be expanding my leadership capacity and will be developing my own natural leadership abilities.

I encourage FCCLA members to set goals for your own leadership development. You already have leadership potential in you, let FCCLA help you develop your leadership and go "Beyond the Label."

Submitted by T. Reynolds, Region 7 State Vice President

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