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Kid-Tech News for Parents

Kids and teens - beware. Your parents and teachers are going to learn about technology.

Well, they might if they take time (or find time) to read blogs such as NetFamilyNews. I highly recommend subscribing to their blog or weekly e-mail newsletter.

NetFamilyNews describes itself as a "community newspaper" journaling all aspectes of youth and technology. "NetFamilyNews is based on the premise that informed, engaged parenting is essential to kids' constructive use of technology. With the advent of Web 2.0, or the social Web, that has never been more true. We all have arrived at the everywhere, all-the-time, multimedia, multidevice, downloadable and uploadable, user-driven Internet. On this Internet, the best protections our highly mobile Net users have is the filter between their ears and their engaged, informed parents."

Topics covered by NetFamilyNews are relevant to parents, teachers, and anyone else concerned about youth cyber-safety and digital citizenship. The resources shared here would also be helpful to FCCLA chapters as they plan digital citizenship projects through programs such as STOP The Violence or Families First.

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