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We Have a Winner (actually, two winners)

Our 1st winner is.... (drum roll, please)....

Troy Middle School, Missouri, was selected to receive the 2009 National STOP the Violence—Students Taking On Prevention Middle School Award. STOP the Violence is a peer-to-peer outreach initiative that empowers young people to recognize, report, and reduce the potential for youth violence. STOP the Violence Awards recognize outstanding chapters that develop, carry out, and analyze exceptional projects.

As a national middle school winner, the Troy Middle FCCLA chapter will receive a $1,000 award, presented to them at the 2009 FCCLA National Leadership Conference, July 12–16 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The FCCLA chapter’s project, “A Person is a Person,” educated members of their school and community about the correlation between having a positive sense of self and the approach to ending school violence. The chapter distributed materials to students provided by the school’s violence hotline, and arranged for fellow students to attend a presentation of, “Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes.” Members also presented a workshop on self-esteem and bullying to elementary school students.

Our 2nd winner is....(another drum roll, please).....

The Trenton Republican-Times, in Trenton, Missouri, was selected to receive the 2009 FCCLA National Outstanding Media Award. This award honors a media outlet that has covered significant FCCLA activities and is giving continued service through press coverage to the local, state, and/or national organization. Trenton FCCLA, led by chapter adviser Connie Hoffman, nominated the newspaper for this recognition. The award is designed to help FCCLA members and advisers promote their FCCLA activities and gain name recognition at the local, state, and national level.

As a national honoree, The Trenton Republican-Times will receive a plaque, presented to them at the 2009 FCCLA National Leadership Conference, July 12–16 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Trenton High FCCLA chapter reports that The Trenton Republican-Times helped to convey to the public that FCCLA has changed with the times and its programs and activities address the needs of the 21st century. The outstanding media coverage the chapter receives has supported a positive image in the eyes of both students and adults in their community for more than 60 years. FCCLA is proud to present this award to The Trenton Republican-Times.

Congratulations to our Missouri winners!

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