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Twitter - Your New Personal Learning Network Tool?

Maybe you've heard about Twitter? Maybe you haven't.... Either way, as a FCS educator, you need a personal learning network. Many Missouri FCS teachers belong to the Mo-FACS e-mail discussion list, which is a great part of a personal learning network. But, if you are looking to expand your network outside of the Missouri borders, then you might consider using Twitter.

A good start to learning about Twitter is to read the blog post"All A Twitter about Twitter" as posted on the Moving at the Speed of Creativity blog. I've heard about Twitter for awhile, and even had my own account, but after reading through the referenced matierals posted by Beth Knittle, I got inspired to begin using it. I also was inspired by the fact that on the Twitter4Teachers wiki, there were NO FCS teachers listed! So, I started the ball rolling in that direction. If you are so inclined, add your name to the wiki, too!

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