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Missouri FCCLA Membership Pins

Each year, Missouri FCCLA uses part of the money collected from membership dues to purchase Missouri FCCLA membership pins. These pins are each different, so a student could have quite a varied collection by the time they graduate - see the 9 different pins we have produced since 1999.

The new 2008-09 membership pins have been ordered and should be delivered sometime during October. If we have them in time, we will bring pins to chapters that have submitted their 08-09 affiliation and are attending the Access FCCLA conference. Otherwise, the membership pins will be mailed to chapter advisors. The pins may not look exactly like the draft artwork, but here is a sneak peak at what we developed for this year's pin -
We hope everyone likes the new pins - the design is composed of words that "are" FCCLA and also describe FCCLA.

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