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Looking for FCCLA Lesson Plans?

Here's a common question I hear this time of the year - "HELP!!!! I need to introduce FCCLA to my classes, and I need a lesson plan, and I need it NOW!" Okay, not really a question, but new teachers (some just learning about FCCLA themselves) really don't have time to worry about how they get this information, they just need it now (or two days ago).

There is a free lesson plan on the national FCCLA website for introducing FCCLA and using Step One. On SuccessLink, there is a lesson plan on introducing Power Of One. You can download the entire contents of the "Be Part of It" membership kit at the national FCCLA website, or you can request a hard copy from me at the state office.

If you don't have any FCCLA resources in your department, you can obtain them in a couple of different ways. One way that will not only let you take a look at the resources, but will connect you with other FCCLA advisors in Missouri is to ask on the Missouri FCS teachers e-mail list. Some lessons have already been posted, so you may need to take a look in the archives. Another way to take a look at the resources on a free-loan basis is to use the Resources at MCCE service. All it will cost your school is the money it takes to ship back the resources at the end of the free-loan period. Finally, you can also order the resources for yourself by going to the FCCLA store. I think they will be having a sale after labor day so you might want to watch for that. This is also the place for FCCLA t-shirts, chapter supplies, and other materials.

Looking for lesson plans for the Career and Family Leadership course? You can find them on the Missouri FCS page on the DESE website.

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