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Another Benefit of FCCLA Involvement

One of the things FCCLA seems to be really good at is helping students apply learning from school to real life concerns of family, career and community. Our members must not only solve problems, but solve unpredictable problems which require deeper thinking. Certainly not everything planned using the FCCLA planning process is going to go along as designed - and the FCCLA projects students implement help develop the skills needed for solving both the predictable and the unpredictable.

Today, I came across a post on Google's official blog on the topic of lifelong learning. I encourage you to read this article and see what characteristics companies such as Google are looking for in their employees. FCCLA members - I challenge you to tackle projects and activities which will help you develop your reasoning, communication, teamwork, and leadership skills. Don't quit when you think it is too hard, or makes you think too much, or takes too much effort to accomplish. Keep at it. It will make you a better problem solver, thinker, and maybe even a better student - and a lifelong learner.

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