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So what's a voting delegate do?

Missouri has 8 voting delegates (!) and they have been hard at work this week. Thought you'd like to know some of their comments on the job they have been doing...

  1. It's alot of early mornings

  2. I love seeing the different reactions voting delegates have to the speeches

  3. Sometimes there are interesting moments - candidates say things you don't think they would!

  4. I like to see how excited all of the states get when their candidates are announced

  5. Lots of nerves and shaking voices during speeches

  6. As a voting delegate, all of the candidates try to impress me - that's different from regular life

  7. I like seeing all of the different personalities of the candidates

  8. I like the dessert Christine bought for us (all of the voting delegates agreed on this one)

Their job isn't done - still have to vote on bylaws amendments at the 2nd General Session on Tuesday. The voting delegates have done a great job of taking their role seriously and casting votes for the benefit of the FCCLA organization. Thanks guys!

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