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FCCLA Mock Presidential Election...and FCCLA's New President

Every four years, FCCLA holds a mock presidential election. Each time, the winner of the FCCLA election has won the general election in November. Of the two major candidates, here are the votes from the FCCLA delegates (from all states that submitted ballots):

Barack Obama - 1543 votes (51%)
John McCain - 1468 votes (49%)

Interestingly, among the Missouri students that voted, John McCain had 73% of their votes, and Barack Obama had 27%.

It will be really intesting to see if the "FCCLA prediction" holds true this year!

A new president for the FCCLA Association has been chosen - Brennan Clouse from Kansas. Congratulations to our neighbor to the west and best wishes to the entire 2008-09 National Executive Council!

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